Funding Programs

Our goal is to help you grow your business by giving you the ability to accept large new orders, take on new customers or bid on and commit to new projects! We are going to work with you to leverage your Contracts or Purchase Orders or Accounts Receivables, freeing up the cash you need to say YES to your growth opportunities!

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At Infusion Capital Group, we provide our clients with 4 distinct funding options to grow your business:

  • Spot Factoring is a super-flexible option. As opposed to traditional factoring, it requires no long-term contracts and no minimum funding amounts. You can use it “on the spot” to start a new project, buy the materials needed to fill a large order or hire additional staff. What we do is leverage your existing invoices or Accounts Receivables, into the short-term cash you need to fund your growth.
  • Purchase Order Funding – For some of our clients, providing them funding against their purchase orders is a great option, especially for those that need materials to fulfill a large new order.
  • Contract Funding – Certain clients, such as those in the consulting and project management world, have significant expenses associated with the startup of a new project or customer (i.e. new hires, travel). Expenses often have to be paid before revenues begin to flow. In many situations we can provide advance funding against these contracts.·
  • Funding Against Progress Billing – This is a unique offering of Infusion Capital Group for those in the commercial construction subcontracting business. We understand that quite often, subcontractors have to work for 30 days before turning in their first “request for payment” to the GC, then have to wait another 30-45 days to get paid. Unfortunately, while you are waiting for payment, you have to purchase materials and make weekly payments to your laborers. We can help with those issues by providing funding against progress billings, so you can say “Yes!” to new projects.

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